World-renowned Early Years Education

The only nursery in the north of Manchester to follow Montessori curriculum.

Thank you for visiting the Teddybears Day Nursery website where you will find all the information you need to make your decision about choosing the right setting for your little one.


What’s your earliest childhood memory? 

Childhood experiences shape who we are. The beliefs we form during our childhood and early teens form our personality and core values.

Your child will spend a significant amount of time in our nursery. Imagine a setting where a child has the freedom to follow their instincts to explore. Where practical life skills are taught and independence is fostered. Where etiquette and courtesy is introduced and modelled by the adults.

Our legacy is happy memories and strong foundation


Meeting your child’s unique requirements

Every effort is made to ensure the requirements of each child are met at Teddybears, including special needs, dietary requirements, potty training and school readiness. Our ‘I CAN’ trained practitioner will work in partnership with the parents to support children with delayed language development and boost communication skills.

Whether you are looking to return to work, transition your baby to a setting, moving home or whether you just want your child to have the best opportunities, contact us to arrange a viewing.