Food and Diet

A cook is employed at the nursery to prepare healthy meals for the children and staff. A weekly menu is provided appropriate to age groups, consisting of healthy nutritious dishes; vegetarian meals and special diets can also be provided. The menu is rotated at 4 weekly intervals.


Our children’s menus keep winning the Nutrition and Oral Health Award each year.

Our onsite kitchen is rated 5* by Food Standards Agency.

All our meals are freshly prepared by an experienced nursery chef providing a well-balanced diet.

For breakfast between 7.30am and 8.30am, we offer cereals, raisins and yoghurts. We serve a variety of fruit during mid-morning snack between 10am and 11am. A two-course dinner is served between 12pm and 1 pm, followed by a two-course tea between 3.00pm – 4.00pm. Each meal is served with a drink of milk, diluted fruit juice and water. Throughout the day children have access to water and in Preschool classroom they pour it themselves using real glassware.

Our children are encouraged to serve the meals themselves and clean the tables after they finished eating, in line with Montessori principles. They do a variety of baking and food preparation activities that promotes further interest in cooking and gives them confidence in trying different foods.

Take a look at our range of healthy meals. The menu is rotated at 4 weekly intervals

 SnackDinner Tea
MONDAYVariety of fresh fruitSardine and tomato pasta bake

Vanilla ice cream and fruit coulis
Baked potato beans and grated cheese

Apple crumble with fresh whipped cream
TUESDAYVariety of fresh fruitChicken and mushroom stroganoff with boiled rice

Bread and butter pudding

Tuna and mixed salad wraps with homemade wedges

Ginger Bread
WEDNESDAYVariety of fresh fruitButternut squash risotto

Peaches and custard
Potato cakes with baked beans

Bread sticks and hummus
THURSDAYVariety of fresh fruitBeef moussaka

Lemon drizzle cake
Chicken and liver pate on cracker bread with veg batons

Sponge and custard
FRIDAYVariety of fresh fruitHomemade cheese and onion pie with spaghetti

Angel delight
Homemade diced potatoes with coleslaw


 SnackDinner Tea
MONDAYVariety of fresh fruitTomato and red pepper pasta bake

Angel delight
Breaded chicken with barbeque beans

Fruit cocktail
TUESDAYVariety of fresh fruitCottage pie with broccoli and cauliflower

Bananas and custard
Sausage casserole

Rice pudding
WEDNESDAYVariety of fresh fruitSub style pizza with corn on the cob

Fruit jelly
Beans and wholemeal toast

THURSDAYVariety of fresh fruitFisherman’s pie with peas and sweetcorn

Hot banana wraps
Homemade tomato soup with tiger bread

Malt loaf
FRIDAYVariety of fresh fruitChicken and banana curry with rice and nan bread

Frozen yoghurt
Minced beef cobbler with a side of green beans

Coconut sponge and custard


 SnackDinner Tea
MONDAYVariety of fresh fruitCoconut fish curry with whole grain rice

Homemade mushroom soup with bread

Veg batons with assorted dips
TUESDAYVariety of fresh fruitLamb tagine and Moroccan cous cous

Blueberry pancakes
Jacket potato with 3 cheese topping

Fromage frais
WEDNESDAYVariety of fresh fruitFish cakes with sweet potato mash, peas and sweetcorn

Carrot Cake
Hot Dogs and sauce

Melon and pineapple
THURSDAYVariety of fresh fruitHomemade meatloaf with hidden veg and sweet potato mash

Cornflake cake and custard
Tuna and sweetcorn rolls

Fruit Scones
FRIDAYVariety of fresh fruitChicken and veg stir fry with noodles

Mandarin Jelly
Creamy veg casserole

Savoury scones

 SnackDinner Tea
MONDAYVariety of fresh fruit3 bean chilli and long grain rice

Banana loaf
Fresh vegetables, bread sticks and dips

TUESDAYVariety of fresh fruitTuna pasta bake

Poached fruit and custard
Cheese crumpets

Homemade ginger biscuits
WEDNESDAYVariety of fresh fruitSpanish chicken with spicy cous cous

Cherry melting moments
Ham and cheese wraps with vegetable crisps

Fruit kebabs
THURSDAYVariety of fresh fruitQuorn spaghetti bolognaise

Carrot and coriander soup

Fruit scones
FRIDAYVariety of fresh fruitVegetable casserole

Blueberry muffins
Chilli with baked potatoes

Strawberries and yoghurt

If you choose to bring your own packed lunch, please check our Packed Lunch Policy