Hourly Sessions for Babies

Moving from home to nursery

Research suggests that transitions are central to young children’s development and emotional wellbeing, and the way in which the first transitions are handled could have a significant impact on the child’s capacity to cope with change in the short and long term. When a child leaves the home environment for the first time it can be an anxious and emotional time for the whole family. This is why the Teddybears exclusively offers a flexible hourly attendance for babies under 12 months.

Parents with babies under 12-months can start with flexible attendance of two x 3 hour-long sessions per week. These sessions are meant to fit around parent’s daily routine and will allow for smooth transition from home to the nursery. After 3 months of Hourly Sessions a parent will be asked to choose a fixed session pattern from the options available.

Parents who opt to do Hourly Sessions will be asked to set up a monthly Direct Debit of £129.90 on or around 1st of each month. The fee includes a minimum of 2 sessions per week and each session is a minimum 3 hours long, all snacks, meals (the snacks and meals are served during fixed hours between 8am and 6pm), drinks including formula milk, sun cream and sudocream. There is an additional £8 monthly fee added to your Direct Debit for Online Journals and Daily Reports that will be emailed to you.

Parents that do Hourly Sessions can book more ad-hoc sessions and can book longer than 3 hour sessions (but not shorter) and more than two sessions per week. Each additional hour is £5 flat fee. All ad-hoc sessions are subject to availability. In event of cancellation of the ad-hoc session, the full amount is payable.

Hourly sessions must be booked to start at certain times in Baby Room:

  • 7:30am
  • 8:00am
  • 9:30am
  • 1:30pm
  • 2:00pm
  • 2:30pm

* Parents who already registered regular (half day, short day, full day) sessions can also book hourly ad-hoc sessions and do not need to meet a requirement of a minimum of 2 sessions per week but each session they book must be a minimum 3-hour long. All ad-hoc bookings are subject to availability. In event of cancellation of the ad-hoc hourly session, the full amount is still charged.