Parent Handbook

What to expect at Teddybears – all your questions answered

The best times to visit Teddybears Nursery are between 9:30 and 11am and after 2pm. This is when children are not sleeping and you can see each room in better detail and watch children playing or doing Montessori activities. If you would prefer to visit at another time, e.g. late evening or weekend, please send a request with a date and time and we will be happy to arrange this for you. 

To book your viewing you can either:

Generally children attend at least two settling-in sessions before starting nursery properly. The first visit involves getting to know the practitioners in your child’s room and for you and your child to explore the nursery. This first session is typically one hour long as to not overwhelm your child.

On your second visit, once your child is relaxed and busy playing we will invite you to leave the room for a short time allowing your child to continue getting to know their potential key person. We appreciate that children are all different and some will take longer to settle in than others. This is why we provide unlimited free settling-in sessions.

Daily reports: at the end of each day, you will receive an email with a brief overview of your child’s day in the nursery. The daily report is generated by a nursery software called Nursery Genie and will include the meals your child had, nappy changing time, the number and duration of naps taken, short summary of activities, accidents and requests for spare clothing.

Online learning journal: the key person will start adding observations to online learning journal within first week of your official start date. The online journal is called My Montessori Child. At the end of the first month, you will be provided with secure login details to access the online Parent Portal from the convenience of your PC, tablet or mobile phone. There you will find you child’s photos, frequent observations from the key person, nursery staff biographies, news and updates, nursery menus and other useful information. You will be able to communicate with your child’s key person via MMC Parent Portal.

Please be aware that while the nursery covers most of the software packages costs, we ask for a monthly contribution that will be added to your monthly Direct Debit.

Please do not send your child in their best clothes as the children tend to do a variety of water based arts and crafts activities on frequent basis. We supply aprons and bibs to protect the clothes to the best of our ability.

Please be aware that we request that your child must be provided with comfortable slip-resistant indoor shoes that can be kept in the room. Slippers or PE school style pumps are ideal.

Cold weather: Please ensure that your child comes to nursery with a coat. Some rooms have a direct access to the playground and we like to get outdoors as much as possible so coats and wellies are essential.

Hot weather: All children must be supplied with a labelled sunhat, generally between April and September. We provide hypoallergenic sun cream unless you prefer to supply your own. Please make sure your own sun cream is labelled and left in the child’s bag.

Please leave all unnecessary items from home at home, in particular cherished and expensive toys. You can discuss with your child’s key person if your child needs a comfort item during transition or naptime.

We have many wonderful activities and materials for your child here at nursery and find it distracting and difficult to keep track of items when they are brought to nursery.

Within the first month, your child will be assigned a key person, who will be responsible for their overall care and will be your child’s and your main point of contact in the nursery. Their role includes planning activities and experiences to extend your child’s skills and knowledge, and will be focused on your child’s particular interests and development.
You will find your child’s name under the key person photograph either on display board next to the room and on the My Montessori Child Parent Portal once it has been confirmed.

Please call the office by 8:00am to inform us of your child’s absence. Ring 0161 335 9991 – selecting option 1.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate make-up days or refunds for illnesses or absences due to holidays.

Our budget and expenses are based on strict staffing ratios and rely on projected fees from each child.

A drawstring bag or rucksack should contain the following items:

• indoor slippers

• nappies and small tube of nappy cream

• wipes

• 2 x sets of change of clothes (in particular underwear and socks)

• labelled sun hat (April to September)

• labelled winter hat/gloves/scarf (October to March)

• labelled outdoor coat

• wellies

If your baby is having formula milk during the day, this should also be supplied along with sufficient bottles for the number of feeds they will require. New guidance advises that formula milk should not be prepared in advance; instead we will make up fresh milk for your baby. These will be hung up on your child’s coat peg.

Please be informed the nursery does not bear responsibility for misplaced or damaged clothing. If no spare clothing is available, the staff will use the nursery’s own spare clothes that we kindly ask to wash and return to the nursery.

Call 0161 335 9991 and select option 1 or alternatively, email to for queries related to:

• Settling-In Sessions

• Child’s absence due to sickness, immunisation or holidays

• Changing or booking additional sessions

• Child’s development and Parents Evenings

• My Montessori Child logins, Key Person observations and Daily Reports

• Policies and Procedures

• Transition to school

• Meals and dietary requirements

• Complaints

Call 0161 335 9991 and select option 2 or alternatively, email to for queries related to:

• Invoices and extracurricular activities payments

• Fee payment and Direct Debit set up procedure

• Parent Agreement queries

• Fob agreements and deposit payments

You can also call you child’s room directly to speak to the key person – call 0161 335 9991 and listen to your options.

We have an online learning journey that will become accessible to you approximately 4 weeks from starting.

You can post your own comments and communicate with your child’s key person via My Montessori Child Parent Portal.

The nursery hosts two Parents Evenings per year, but if you have any concerns, you can arrange a meeting with your child’s key person at a time that suits you both.

The nursery has an open door policy meaning parents can come into the office at any time to air any concerns; you do not need an appointment to do this, just come at a time that suits you and we will try our best to respond to the query immediately.

We cater to individual dietary needs such as allergies, religious preferences and vegetarians therefore please do not hesitate to contact us to enable us to provide the best food options for your child. 

You can find information about meals here.

You can find information about packed lunches here.

If your child contracts a contagious illness (other than a general cold), please inform Teddybears nursery office by 8:00am.

You can find about our policies in relation to communicable diseases here

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide variety of sessions, clubs and activities.

If your baby is under 12 months and you are looking for a flexible childcare, we offer Hourly Sessions for Babies.

For children who attend Russell Scott school nursery, we offer a wraparound care.

For children who attend Russell Scott Primary school, we offer Breakfast and Afterschool Clubs.

For children who attend nursery schools or other childcare provider that are closed during school half term, we offer Holiday Club.

We offer extra-curricular activities 

We are open Monday to Friday, from 7:30am to 6:00pm. The nursery is open for 51 week per year.

We are closed for one week during Christmas, 8 National Bank Holidays and 2 Teacher Training Days. We will inform you in advance about nursery closure during the Teacher Training Day.

Possible causes of the nursery closing down in an emergency include extreme weather conditions such as heavy snow or flooding, terrorist threats, electrical failure, flooding and other causes deemed as emergency by the management.

We will call you in these instances, however if we can’t get through to you we will use the other emergency contacts you listed when registering.

Fire drills are performed once a month, or more frequently if we have any new children or staff members. We perform fire alarm tests before the nursery opens, so this will never affect the parents, however if we ever do one in the middle of the day, parents and staff will be told in advance that they don’t have to evacuate. The fire escape routes are highlighted on the back of each play room door, and in the downstairs and upstairs hallway.

• CCTV system

Please be aware that we gave a CCTV operating inside and outside the premises.

• Video Intercom system

Please use the main road entrance and ring the room directly when using the entrance intercom system. Please do not be offended if we ask for verification if we have not seen you before.

• Fob System

We have an internal fob system on the premises. We ask for a £15 deposit towards your personal fob. The fobs are issued in each person’s name and for security reasons you must not share the fob issued in your name with anyone else. We will provide up to 4 fobs per family, each subsequent fob will be an additional £5, so 2 x fobs are £20, 3 x fobs £25 and 4 x fobs £30. The deposit will be refunded within a week of returning all fobs.

• Tailgating

When parents call their child’s room using the intercom system, it is important that they wait to be personally let in by nursery staff and not follow any other parents, as this is a breach of our safeguarding policy. While you might feel impolite to shut the door in front of someone else, it is vital you do not let anyone else in while entering or leaving premises, even if you know them.

• Relative or friend collecting your child

During your online registration, you will be asked to set up a password permitting your family members or friends collect your child. We will not release the child, if the person collecting is unable to provide us with this password. Please do not send anyone younger than 16 years old to collect your child.

• Pram shed and personal belongings

Prams and any other personal belongings can be left in the car park pram shed at your own personal risk. The nursery does not bear any responsibility for personal belongings that may go missing when left unattended inside the car or outside the nursery premises. Parents are liable for any fines issued for illegal parking or any damage done to the car or personal belongings while coming or leaving the nursery, we may be able to check CCTV however we bear no responsibility for these instances.

• Visitors car park

Please note it is illegal to park in front of the nursery or to park in the entrance or exit driveways.
Please follow the one way system (highlighted using the arrow signs) on the driveway when coming or leaving the nursery, pedestrians get a priority on the driveway and under no circumstances must anyone attempt to drive alongside the pedestrians. It is a nursery requirement for the driver to wait with their handbrake on for pedestrians to pass.

Please be aware that the full monthly fees are paid by a Direct Debit no later than the 1st of each month in advance.
If you child starts attending on the 1st, you will receive an email with the instruction how to set up a Direct Debit payments before your official starting date. 
If your child starts any time after the 1st, you will be invoiced for number the sessions booked for the remainder of that month. After the invoice, you will receive an email with the instructions to set up a Direct Debit leaving on the 1st of the following month.

If your fees are partially of fully paid by Childcare Vouchers or via Tax Free Childcare Scheme, the vouchers and payments must arrive before the 1st of each month. For example, if the Vouchers are paid on the 3rd of September, they will be counted towards October monthly fees.

Full fees are payable including bank holidays, Christmas week closure and two Teacher Training days and any absences due to illness, hospital visits or holidays.

You will have to give us a minimum of a 2-week notice prior to cancelling your Direct Debit, Childcare Vouchers and Tax Free Childcare payments. You can find more information about the fees and services here.

There is a minimum of one month written notice required if you decide to terminate your child’s place for any reason. No refunds will be given if your child leaves before one month notice.
If you use Childcare Vouchers towards your fees, you will be responsible of informing the voucher company about the place termination and the nursery might be able to repay the overpaid amount directly to the voucher company within a limited period of time.

Staff ratios

• Aged two and younger  – 1 adult to 3 children

• Aged between two and three – 1 adult to 4 children

• Aged between three and five –  1 adult to 8 children

You can find the staff qualifications on the display boards next to your child’s room and their short biography and training experience on My Montessori Child Parent Portal.

First aid

All our practitioners hold a Paediatric First Aid qualification. These are refreshed every three years. Each room has a designated First Aider, who is responsible for the first aid kits stock checking. The locations of these first aid kits are highlighted next to the doors on the inside of the each rooms.

Health and Safety

Every play room receives two risk assessments a day, this ensures all resources are in full working order and that nothing poses a threat to children, including room temperatures and clear pathways. In addition to this, every room in the building is risk assessed annually by the manager; this assessment is thorough and subject to change through the year.

We have a detailed policies and procedures folder which is available for parents to view in the office. It details how we operate to ensure that we adopt a safe, secure and enriching experience whilst at Teddybears Nursery. Below is the short summary of one of the most important policies but if you would like to read about a particular policy, you can find the folder in the office.

Accident and Incident report procedure

We will call parents immediately if we suspect there might be a head injury. Minor injuries will not always be followed with a courtesy call. We write these up as incident reports which you will be asked to sign on collection. Any emergencies may result in us taking your child to hospital but we will always contact you to let you know.

Promoting positive behaviour (e.g. biting and hitting other children and staff)

If we notice that a child starts to bite or hit other children, he or she may be shadowed by practitioners where possible. We ask for parents to work alongside us in these instances to ensure a consistent approach.

Staff abuse and allegations made against the staff members

No abusing or threatening behaviour towards staff will be tolerated. We may ask for witness accounts, check the CCTV and will always treat any allegations very seriously, performing a full investigation.

Mobile phone, camera and other recording devices

We have a very strict policy in place that restricts the use of any camera, mobile phone or other recording devices. On our premises, we use tablets in order to collect photographs for observations and promotional use (only with parental permission,) these are monitored by management and used in line with e-safety policies.

Administering Medication

We give children the minimum dose required, e.g. if they need a dose at 8:00am and you bring them in at 7.30am, you should administer it before leaving. We only give oral suspension medication (e.g. Calpol) with permission when a child reaches a temperature above 38, in order to prevent convulsions. We can administer antibiotics but children are excluded for the first 48 hours of the course.